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When you spawn into this world, you find yourself on a balcony outside a small but cozy bedroom. There is rain falling outside on the balcony and the ambience of the world is fantastic with volume sliders for the ambient noises. You can add thunder and lightning to the mix or even add snow. There is multiple mirror options and a rather large comfortable looking bed. The wall alongside the bed has a large screen which can play any linked video. Recent updates have added more game options such as a pool table, beer pong and other games as well as overall features like a new mirror in the bed.

Tags: Chill, Sleep, Rain, Furry, ERP, Games, Quest


You spawn inside a small cabin set into a snowy landscape. You can hear the wind blowing and see snow falling outside. The cabin has a beautiful fire place and cottage aesthetic. There is plenty of seating available around the fire place with a nice size screen playing soft lofi and even more seating outside on the porch. In the corner of the cabin is a good-sized bed with mirror options controlled by light switches. The world features lots of pillows, pens and steaming mugs to RP with.

Tags: Relax, Cozy, Cabin, Sleep, Winter, Quest


You spawn into this world in an elevator which can grant you access to a private bedroom or if you exit it, you can head to the roof for games and a party area including a DJ booth/dance floor. There is also a pool with a hot tub down a flight of stairs from the roof which also leads into a fully furnished apartment. The apartment is loaded with a full bathroom (shower and tub), a full kitchen with interactable appliances, a very nice bedroom with mirror options, and a nicely furnished living room. The private bedroom also features some fun options with a door lock, an elevator cam, a fireplace and lava lamp hidden in each corner that can be raised up by selectors.

Tags: Party, Videoplayer, Game, Frenchqc, ERP, Private Room


You spawn into this world at the end of a pier on the beach at night facing a beautiful small house. There is nice pool off to the right and plenty of seating all along the beach. Inside the house, you have access to mirrors, a nice seating area, a jukebox and a bed with laydown options. There is a very nice little fish tank in the corner of the sleeping area and a few outdoor seating areas around fires.

Tags: Night, Beach, Chill, Sleep, Cook Out, Party, Pool


You spawn into this world on a balcony overlooking a beautiful living room. Behind you are two bedrooms, one brightly lit and one slightly darker. There is also a full bathroom including a bathtub and shower on the second floor. Heading downstairs, you can head outside to a hot tub on the patio and across the patio to another small seating area. There is wonderful, soft music playing and options to add fireworks or shooting stars to the night sky above. The world also includes multiple screens and some game options as well.

Tags: Night, Chill, Home, Quest, Movie, Game, Hot Tub

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