There are so many worlds, activities and places to go that VRChat can be pretty overwhelming when trying to meet people. If you are new to VRChat and wanting to meet new people or if you are looking to expand your friend group then hopefully this article can help. Let’s take a look at a few different options for where to go and some basic etiquette for meeting people in the digital world.

Let’s Talk About Etiquette In VR

Meeting new people or introducing yourself to strangers in any setting can be uncomfortable and awkward so VR is not different. I have found that it is easiest in small settings without a massive crowd of people. We’ll talk about looking for smaller, less populated worlds in a minute but let’s discuss what to do if you’ve found a group or an individual you want to introduce yourself too. I usually position myself in their line of sight so as not to sneak up on them from a weird angle or from behind them. An easy way to do this is if they are sitting in front of a mirror (like almost every VR world), I will move over to the controls for the mirror and then face them from there. I like to wave as I approach and just introduce myself with something like, “Hi, I’m Oz…”. Don’t be rude or take offense if people say they don’t want to hang out or if they ignore you, they might be here to decompress and not be up for meeting new people. Although this is less likely to happen in a Public world, I’ve found. Most people who are hanging out in public worlds are also excited to meet new people.

Avatars and Quest vs PC

Another thing to remember is that many of the people in VRChat are Quest users who have limited ability to see certain avatars. It might help to make sure you are using a Quest compatible avatar while attempting to meet people otherwise you might be using a fall back avatar that looks nothing like what you want to represent. Using oversized, very strange or very revealing avatars can also turn some people away or draw the wrong type of attention (or the right type, depending). Also Quest compatible worlds will often be much more populated than PC only worlds. If you are using a Meta Quest 2 and have a VR capable PC, you can use the Link Cable or AirLink to enable you to have PC quality on the Quest.

Find Smaller Less Populated Public Worlds

When you are looking at the world menu in VRChat you can see all of the instances of a world along the bottom and it will show you how many people are on each. You can also create your own instance of a world and leave it public. Many people will join worlds with fewer people with the hopes of being able to socialize and meet new people. Often times you will have time to chat with a few of the first people arriving in a world before it becomes more populated. You can then add them as a friend and move to a Friends+ world or move to a more secluded area of the world to continue your conversation.

Find Social Focused Worlds

A great example of this would be the world “No Time Two Talk”. In this world you are presented with a wall of options to describe yourself using tags ranging from your gender, interests, hobbies and preferred VR activities. Then you can enter the rotation and be paired up with another random user in the world for two minutes to talk. The wall of tags will update to show their tags and you can quickly find a topic to discuss. If you wish to extend the timer for an additional two minutes, both players must click a button on the side of the “No Time Two Talk” neon sign in the room. If you are paired with someone being rude, there is a door in the room that if you walk out of it, it sends you back to the starting room. This can be a great way to get a quick introduction to many people. It’s basically speed dating for meeting people. There are other social focused worlds as well but this is my personal favorite right now.

I hope this was helpful and if you’d like to join our Discord server to meet people there you can by following this link

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