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Hi everyone and welcome to VRChatter! This website will serve as a hub for VRChat news as well as more general VR tech news source. We are just getting started and hope you will follow us as we grow this site. So, what can you expect from VRChatter?

Lots of content and curated information for all things VR and VRChat. We are excited and passionate about the future of all things VR. We will be looking to create content that is both interesting and useful to the VR community at large. Things like, curated worlds to visit in VRChat or reviews of new games or features that we are enjoying. This will hopefully expand into videos, articles, streams and so much more. The next obvious question is who is behind VRChatter?

The website was started by Taegan and myself, Oz, friends who met in VRChat. We both have backgrounds in the digital world and wanted to create a place to share our excitement for all things VR. This is also a place for us to make friends and grow a community of like-minded people. We want to create something fun and useful for our community while fostering a welcoming environment for all.

This site was created by enthusiasts and we welcome your feedback on what sorts of content you’d like to see featured here. Please leave comments and suggestions for how we could improve your experience with the site.

Also join our Discord server – VRChan to meet with other people within the community or use our LFG channel to find people to hang out with in VRChat. https://discord.gg/Kwyr9hzZJJ

By Oz

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