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You spawn into this world on the beach in the center of an island. In front of you are controls which allow you to adjust the suns position in the sky as well as some other world settings. Immediately behind you is a teleporter that will take you to the massive waterslide in the sky. In order to ride the slide, you will need to use one of the small spaceships and have someone push you down the slide. On the ground, you will find many vehicles to ride around the island as well as some water vehicles. There are also two houses, one that sticks out over the water and another centered on the island with a pool outside. On one end of the map, you can find a lighthouse which has a teleporter to take you to the top. This world was also recently updated to include Udon.

Tags: Beach, Chill, Game, Vietnam, Fun, Island, Udon, Quest


You spawn into this world in an elevator which has some important world controls such as background music and collision options. As you exit, you will find yourself in the lobby of what appears to be a nice club. The next room is a large open sitting area with many rooms branching off of it. Each of these rooms is labeled with a specific game such as truth or dare, spin the bottle, Russian roulette, hot seat and many more. The individual rooms can be closed from the inside as well as muted to keep outsiders from hearing the conversations inside. The designers also seem to be constantly updating this world with more games so check back often. Many of the games are drinking centric so if you are drinking please do so responsibly.

Tags: Fun, Drink, Drinking, Night, Game, Quest


This world features an inventory system accessed by reaching over your shoulder and grabbing a Walkman. You start out in the world with $69 (nice) and you can earn more money in the arcade directly across the plaza from spawn. All the railings around the plaza can be ridden/grinded on by jumping onto them. As you enter the plaza from spawn you will see to your left a movie theater with two theaters inside. The theater on the left side is a standard movie theater but the one on the right is a massive spherical theater that is very intense and has an epilepsy warning before entering. The arcade features tons of games which actually play really well and you can earn extra cash by eating pizza scattered around the map. Once you’ve got enough money, you can visit the prize counter to purchase a custom body pillow or a gun for the shooting range. This world is loads of fun and has a notice that the designer plans to add a casino on the right hand side of the plaza from spawn.

Tags: Game, Arcade, Vaporware, Club, Theater, Prizes, Inventory


This is a much smaller world than the previous but has synced games so you can watch your friends play. Set inside a cozy retro-style arcade full of 90s toys and synced retro games․ Face invaders‚ Pongue‚ 4 player bomberpeople‚ bop-it‚ and moreǃ Check out the backroom for multiplayer board games and Poppin Buddies‚ a competitive puzzle battler with retro controllers to play on. The whole world is super well optimized and very comfortable for a smaller group to just have some fun. Also features a bar inside the main game room which could be fun for RP.

Tags: Game, Arcade, Multiplayer, Chill, Quest


This is an awesome world for anyone interested in trying out Dungeons and Dragons in VR. With tons of features from a chest full of mini figures, to ton’s of maps and character sheets. The whole world is well optimized and beautiful to look at as well. You spawn into this world in what looks like a medieval building with a wooden double door ahead of you. Through the door is a small hall way with two rooms leading off of it. Directly across is a room with instructions on how to play DND as well as a screen that can be activated to watch the DND game in session inside the game room. Back out in the hallway at the end is the game room which features a large table where you can set your map and minis on. All along the wall are tons of tools to help you play DND from rule books to scenery pieces to Dungeon Master screens and dice. The whole world is a table RPG nerds dream.

Tags: Roleplay, Board, Dice, DND, Game, Dungeons and Dragons

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